Getting My body back!!!

Ok now this is a toughie to write, I gave birth 6 months ago and have been trying my damn hardest to get my arse back into my favourite clothes but man, it is HARD… After literaly eating for two for nine months it’s the getting rid of the excess weight that’s the hardest. Ive recently upped my game and am now doing spinning classes, Body attack classes and Pump, all high intensity classes which will burn the most calories. Trust me there have been times where I have literally fallen and cried and if it wasn’t for one of my closest buddies, who I may add, is also trying to lose her baby weight, I don’t know if I could have been bothered. I have 12lbs to go and loving how my body is changing and I can slowly see my curves again. Now don’t get me wrong, I am no and never have been a skinny Minnie. I like to have curves in all the right places but Im hoping to get back into shape and be the fittest that I have ever been. I feel so good after exercising and especially seeing the results that it powers me through to go to the next class. The main thing with me is I love to eat, and eat all the wrong foods. Its only been the past few months where I have started to change my diet and eat more healthily. Don’t get me wrong, I still bake my lovely cakes and eat my chocolate, all in moderation. Its all down to the food, if I stuff my face with the wrong food then it doesn’t matter how much exercise I do, its not really going to do anything. Im not one for faddy diets or shakes or what not. Its all about sensible eating and exercising in my book. And you know something ladies, its hard, and its definitely harder the older you get. When I was in my twenties, I could eat and not gain a lb….. boy is that a different story now, I only have to look at the cake in the shop window and can feel the button pop off my jeans!!!!. So I am going to power through till I reach my ideal weight and then Im taking my husbands credit card and going on one massive SPREE…. Woop woop!!!

Anyone else trying to lose the weight, do get in touch… I would love to hear your stories and read any tips which you may have.

“Even if you lose 1/2lb a week, you’ll still lose 26lbs by this time next year, so don’t give up, just keep going”

Love Gxxxx