Well I’m slightly late in posting this considering we are into April, but hey, better late than never!!!.

March was definitely a funny month.. we had lovely warm days in which I had packed away the heavy clothes and was roaming outside in a nice on trend tee and some flops and then within 24 hours I was digging out some socks, putting a jumper and scarf back on and literally feeling like I was in the artic! Jesus London, what has been happening, sort out the weather!!! On the plus side.. Sky Atlantic started Big Little lies which I must say I’ve been pretty much hooked on and considering its got some big names thrown in there too is a good plus…Its also got a great soundtrack, I immediately downloaded the theme tune “Cold Little Heart” as its just so catchy!! I’m currently waiting to watch the last episode so lets hope it ends with a bang, if however, it ends with a WTF moment, then you can guarantee I’ll be doing a rant post in the near future.

On my ipod right now, im jumping around to Dua Lipa’s “Be the one” I kept hearing this tune when I was driving around so checked out iTunes and added it to the pack. I love it, its definitely right up my ally! On those pesky cold days, I dented the card a bit when I accidently stumbled across Dotty P’s tall range. To say I went slightly bonkers was an understatement. I will be hiding all purchases from the spouse considering he is the one who will be paying the bill – excuse me while I snigger!!! Below is one of the looks I purchased and I love it… Didn’t I say Dotty P’s is rocking in the tall section right now!!!

I’ve definitely been a bit slack in the kitchen recently, I went through a phase of pretending to be Mary Berry and literally churning out the cakes, smoothies, juices and now all of a sudden I cant be arsed to even boil on egg! Didn’t I say earlier that March has been one funky funny month, well it definitely has been. Im currently trying to locate my zen and creativity so if you find it then kick it back to me quick as I seem to have lost it along the way.

And coffee with the girls hardly happened at all…. We were all struck down with various viruses and colds throughout the whole month so we rarely saw each other at all. Now these I have missed and it could explain why I have slightly lost my way considering these ladies are my go to people in times of serious need and enlightment.

So March, Im glad to see the back of you, Please take all your pesky viruses, blizzards, snowstorms, tornados and everything else which you have churned at us and f**k right off.

A nice warm welcome to April and to Spring…. Please treat us kindly

Love Gxxx