Hey everyone, I was so lucky to receive a bottle of this beauty from Atura and I decided to do a little post on it.

Now anyone who knows me, knows that I love my fake tan, Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter, I love having some sort of glow as if I don’t I normally look pretty ill. The one area I always hated doing was my face as it would either be too light, too dark, too orangey, yes my friends, you get my drift. I could never find a product that would just match my face and make it glow.

Well the search is over. I must be honest, I was quite dubious when I opened the package and saw this face tan water staring back at me, I seriously thought that this was never going to work or it would completely run down my face and I would be left like an orange patchwork quilt. Well I shouldn’t have feared as I applied it the other evening using a cotton pad and literally just wiped it all over my face and neck. The following morning I woke up with this lovely healthy glow… Honestly I’m pretty much in shock… It definitely was a pretty stunning and natural result. I feel like I’ve just spent a few weeks in the sun. I’ve used it two nights in a row and it just gives this lovely golden natural glow.

And to top it off, it is completely organic and vegan as well and is also suitable for oily and acne prone skin. It was also a gold winner at the cosmopolitan 2016 beauty awards.

So guys., there is nothing more to say on it. I would 100% recommend buying this product and I will certainly be purchasing it again in the future. This should be on every womens must have summer 2017 beauty list if you went to achieve that healthy gorgeous summer glow without spending the time in the sun.

Have fun and please check out www.aturacollective.com for the complete collection of organic and vegan products

Love Gxxx