Hey there lovelies, well I decided to do a little post on some of my favourite summer items which are currently on the high street for us taller Ladies!!!

Now Im 6ft 2 and throughout the years I used to find it so hard trying to get clothes that would actually have the correct fit. I was left with tops that were too short and looked hideous and trousers which would stop at my knees!!! yes, really this all happened. As for dresses, they would normally just about cover my backside! I was so chuffed when all the high street stores started stocking a Tall range as it meant that we, too, could enjoy all the nice clothes that the average lady possesses. Today it is so easy to check online for clothes and most companies have a tall section as well so we don’t feel left out….

Ive noticed a trend with the jumpsuits this summer and Ive been lucky enough to snap up a couple. Lets just hope the weather sticks around and I can wear all these fab items.

My go to places for tall clothes are Topshop, Dorothy Perkins, New Look Fashion, Next and Asos. So Ive had a scan around and compiled a few items which I think should be in every Tall girls wardrobe this summer…….

Currently Online at Asos.

I’m in love with the Tall Range of Swimsuits which are currently online. Im so glad to have finally found some swimsuits which actually fit my body instead of looking stretched as they are in the normal size. I absolutely love the beading detail on the first one and the vibrant colour of the second. These will look fab will a good spray tan! The Jumpsuit is so fab. I love the lace bodice and its such a staple in any wardrobe, not just for the Summer.

Next Online

So I also had a quick look on Next Online’s Tall Range and found these few amazing items to snap up. I think the Leaf Print dress is amazing for throwing on as a cover up at the beach. The Blush Drape Back Jumpsuit is an awesome colour and would look fantastic if you are going for a meal or a good night out. I already have the Blue Linen Rich Shirt Dress and I love wearing this at the weekends when Im catching up with friends or running errands. A great selection all round

Dorothy Perkins Online

I’m loving some of these pieces which are currently online at Dorothy Perkins. The Khaki Maxi Dress is to die for and the Blush Crepe Jacket is amazing as it can be paired with anything. Really does update any outfit. I’m so in love with the Blush Cross Back Top and the multi coloured Cami as these can both be paired with a real cute pair of jean shorts which would be lovely on a summers evening chilling with friends. The Tile Print jumpsuit is also fab for relaxing and running errands and is extremely comfy.


New Look Online

Now I must say New look was always my go to place for the tall range and it was amazing when they used to stock everything in store as it was nice to actually see the clothes and trying them on before making a purchase. Unfortunately this changed a few years ago and they transferred all their tall range online. So check out below to see some of my current faves. Im really loving the swimsuits and cant wait to try them out when I hit the beach next month! Im in love with the Floral Jumpsuit and the Tall Black Floral Embroidered Balloon dress, Its actually so cute and lovely worn on a cool Summers evening. You cant beat having a Bardot dress as a summer staple and this denim one is amazing. Pair it with the black or straw hat are you are off. Its also essential to stock some nice tees and  scoop neck longline vests in your wardrobe as these can always be paired with jeans and shorts over the holidays. I make sure that I have some skinny jeans and trousers as these can be paired with most tops for a trendy look on an evening out.

So these are some of my favourite clothes items for the Summer. Hope you guys like them as much as I do. A big shout out to all my lovely tall buddies out there. May you rock your favourite tall picks this Summer


Love Gxxx