Hi there lovelies.

First of all, apologies for the lack of blog posts recently, Since the start of the school summer holidays began, I was lucky enough to whisk myself and my family off for a few weeks holidays and alas, everything at home got put on the back burner. I must say, Im now wishing the days away until school starts again so I can finally get back on it and update all you lovely people with everything I have been up to.

To start with, I was so fortunate to receive the amazing Ageless Total Overnight Retinol Masque from the lovely ladies over at Image Skincare and I have been trying it out over the past four weeks. I found it to be my saviour when I was on holidays as being in the sun so much, I felt like it gave my skin an added boost when I needed it.


Lets move on to the important stuff. I was intrigued when I received this plain and stylish packaging through my door. I had never heard of this particular mask and considering I have now moved onto the anti aging products, I was extremely pleased to see this was an overnight retinol masque as since getting older, I do tend to go for the overnight products which can total nourish my skin while I sleep.

This particular bespoke cream is infused with triple action time released retinol technology which helps to increase firmness, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and best of all, improves skin imperfetions. It has a unique delivery system in Kemspheres which allows pure retinol to be absorbed into the skin in a stable form resulting in less irritation and amazing and superior results. It is also Paraben free which I love.

This amazing product is an intensive anti aging overnight treatment that restores vitality to the skin and infuses skin with nutrients. This unique treatment mask also contains a Water Bank Technology, marine filling spheres that will restore hydration levels in the skin and protect the skin’s water barrier, as it provides a continuous time release of moisture for the skin. Using 2/3 times a week you will continuously be nutritionally feeding your skin whilst reducing fine lines and wrinkles and improving firmness and elasticity.


I applied a thick layer twice a week for the for the past four weeks and have really noticed the difference especially with the frown lines on my forehead which don’t appear to be as noticeable as before!!!!

Being a busy mum, one thing that I am definitely guilty of is sometimes forgetting to cleanse at night and take off the days makeup and impurirites. Its not ideal especially waking up the next morning and feeling that my skin is completely dehydrated. This is where I found this masque to be a saviour as after a night spent allowing this to soak in, I felt that it really nourished and left me looking completely revitalised and hydrated again. This, for me, is a blessing especially having two young children to run after daily.

And there you have it. This product will definitely be kept stocked in my beauty cupboard to give my skin the added boosts which it needs from time to time.

As they say at Image: True Beauty is endless

Have fun my lovelies

Love Gxxxx