Hi there lovelies.

Well we are in full swing of Autumn and what better way to start off the week then with a beauty review. I was lucky to have received some Facial Products from FORMULA 10.0.6 a few weeks ago to try out and Ive been doing just that. From their Passionfruit & Green Tea Foaming Cleanser to their lightweight daily moisturiser which is enriched with Guava and Vitamin C. From their stunning Brightening Peel Off Mask which is infused with Papaya and Citrus to their Make up Removing Facial Wipes. I’ve been loving trying these out and Im now going to share my thoughts of these products with you lucky guys.

First off, I have to speak about their Best Face Forward Daily Foaming Cleanser. This fresh foaming gel cleanser washes away oil and impurities for a sparkling clear complexion. It is enriched with Green Tea and Chamomile to pacify the skin while the Passionfruit balances it out. On opening this product I really loved the fresh fruity scent. It transported me off to sunnier times and .I felt like I was in summer all over again. I did find the product a little bit runny but once I put it on my skin it definitely cleansed and left it feeling fresh without the skin tightness which can sometimes be felt with other products. I used this cleanser for the past two weeks and I have to say it does exactly what it says on the box. If you love fruity scents and foaming cleansers then I would give this product a try.

Next up was their Picture Perfect Daily Moisturiser with SPF 15, Guava + Vitamin C. This is a lightweight daily moisturizer which provides hydration and sun protection in one. The super fruit Guava refines the pores and promotes clear skin while the Vitamin C moisturizes and soothes. This also smells so fruity and the fact it has added SPF meant that I didn’t have to use a separate one. It definitely is a lightweight formula and I felt for me that It wasn’t enough. Whilst I did love the texture, packaging and the cream itself, I feel that this cream would be ideal and more suited for younger skin and for that I would definitely recommend it.

I then moved on to the Get Your Glow On Brightening Peel off Mask which is enriched with Papaya & Citrus. This Radiance Boosting peel off mask revitalizes tired skin in minutes. It removes dead skin cells, unclogs pores and banishes breakouts. The Papaya helps to resurface skin while the Citrus boosts brighteness to leave your face glowing. I tried this three times a week. I applied it to my cleansed face and sat back for 15 minutes while it tightened and worked its magic. Once again, I can’t fault the scent. If you are like me and love anything fruity then this will be heaven for you. I found it very easy to peel off. I started at the jawline and worked my way up. Normally with peel off masks I sometimes struggle and end up picking bits off for hours but with this I found once I left it on for the appropriate time then it peeled off in one. It did leave my skin feeling incrediably cleansed, bright and also glowing.

And last but not least I tried out their Make up removing Facial Wipes. Now to be honest, I’m not a fan of Facial wipes. In a hurry, they are amazing for quickly removing your makeup but I definitely prefer the washable cleansers and feeling water on my skin. These wipes are ultra soft and heavily pre moistened. They are enriched with pink grapefruit and apple and I must say that as soon as I opened the packaging I could smell the apple. It comes in a cute pink packaging and each wipe is full of product which easily wiped off my makeup from the day. All be it I did use two but to be fair I had a lot of makeup on the first time I used them. I was surprised that they did leave my skin quite clean for a wipe and for this reason I think I will keep hold of these for when Im in a hurry or need a quick freshen up on a flight as they are so worth it for the amount of product you are getting in each wipe.

And there you have it. I have found the FORMULA 10.0.6 to be an interesting range which I will use again. If you have younger skin then these products are absolutely ideal and should be part of your beauty regime. They are also very reasonably priced compared to other high street products. I did love them all but felt that I needed a little bit more moisture for my aging skin.

That’s all folks. Please leave your comments below and I would love to know if you have tried out this range and also what you thought

Love Gxxx