So here I am, just decided that I wanted to try this whole blog,vlog thingy out (much to the horror of my husband) So while I take time out from the real world to look after our 5 year old and our 6 month old I really  want to share my crazy fun life with everyone else out there.

I say it how it is which sometimes can be a good and bad thing, there have been times where I will say some thing and absolutely silently cringe in horror as I realise that my fellow friend hasn’t gotten the joke and probably never will so I quickly smile and leg it. For my friends who do get the joke and stick around, we do have a seriously good giggle from time to time discussing everything from the normal beauty, health, diet and fashion tips to the more indepth personal issues of life in the cul de sac and everything else that goes with it.

I currently live in London and until recently worked in Financial services in the city. Once I got pregnant with my second child, I longed for something different, away from the norm of the 9-5 role. And here I am, about to dive straight in head first and hope I don’t sink at the first wave.

Have fun reading peeps