Autumn’s Cosy Knits

And so the transition is complete. Autumn is now in full swing and the latest must have in season cosy knits are out in force. Now this season Ive noticed the high street are full of large oversize flufflies that not just look so comfy but also feel it too. The oversized jumper and cardi are here and obviously to stay. Even though I had packed away all my summery dresses and various light cotton tops, I somehow refrained from putting the box in the loft. That was until two weeks ago when the temperature dropped dramatically on London town and it was the sudden change that made me bid farewell to the box of light summery attire and down came the heavy case loaded with old jumpers, tracksuits, onesies and cardi’s. And I must say I found some really cool pieces which I had forgotten that was there.

So I also decided to have a look around the online shops to pick some of my favourite pieces and also items which I think will be rocking this Autumn. Ive picked a mixture from Tall to Regular size and all from some of my favourite stores.

Aside from the cosy jumpers, lets just have a quick look at some of the various hats which appear to be out in full swing right now. My favourites really are the fluffy bobbles right now and every woman every where seems to be wearing one.

Even though I am trying so hard to welcome Autumn in with open arms, I am still finding it slightly nostalgic to think that the sun is no longer beaming down in the morning and if it is then its usually about 2 degrees out. So the onslaught of coldness and rain is here to stay for the next few months but at least we know that with the current A/W collections out there, we are all going to be looking quite hot!!!
Please do let me know what your current autumn favourite pieces are right now
Until next time
Love Gxxx


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