Awesome Autumn

And just like that, its here. Summer has indeed left us and in has swooped the fallen leaves, the chillier nights and dusk is coming more quicker than usual. For some this sight can be depressing and for others like myself, I welcome it in with open arms. There is something strange about Autumn, its not too hot or too cold, we can still wear our favourite tees on some days or our brand new knits on others. And then theres the evenings, now these I enjoy as we still have some sort of lightness till about 8 which means I can still head off to the gym or for a run without feeling like its the middle of the night.

I have to say, I do enjoy it when Autumn strolls in. I love the fact that on those chillier days when we have no plans my most favourite thing to do is to throw on a real comfy tracksuit and fluffy slippers, take my ass to the sofa and just relax with a real good laugh out loud family movie and a massive big bowl of popcorn. This really is one of my favourite times when we are all together with nothing to do.

The next item I rotate is my beauty regime. Now my skin can get so dry during autumn that I tend to really try and keep it hydrated with some good day and night creams, twice weekly exfoliations and I tend to have at least one night when I will wear an all night facial mask just for that added boost. Since getting older Im really trying to look after my skin more by keeping fit and eating healthily most of the time. I also like to sort through my makeup trolley and get  it in order as during these months leading into winter, I love wearing good foundations and getting my smokey eye on for those glam nights out leading up to Christmas.

In the past I have been guilty of neglecting my skin and beauty regime and even allowing my fitness levels to drop but this year I am deteremined to keep my ass in the gym, load up on all the good superfoods which are out there and of course take my probiotics to keep me feeling great all autumn and winter long.

And there you have it. I’ve finished packing away all my summery clothes for yet another year and I’m embracing the Autumn chilly air and looking forward to those cosy nights in.

Do let me know what you love or hate about Autumn coming in!!

Love Gxxxx



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