So Long Summer!

Well hello lovelies, as I write this, we have closed the door on August and September has just begun… Gone are the bright warm evenings and I already can see that its getting dark earlier and more chillier as we move into the Autumn months. So I decided to write a post reminisiing of my first summer where I had to endure the summer school holidays and try to find endless ways to entertain a 5 year old whilst maintaining my own level of sanity and keeping the now 1 year old occupied at the same time.

When I was working in the city, I never had to deal with the summer holidays fiasco and trying to arrange any type of childcare. After having my second child and leaving the city life behind and my daughter starting school last year, everything changed quite dramatically. Before the summer holidays began, I must be honest, I couldn’t wait for them to start. I dreamt of the amazing time I would have with heading back to Ireland and also abroad on the annual family trip. Well fast forward six weeks later and I feel like Ive completely lost my marbles and Im counting down the hours when I can drop her off at the school gate and literally flee and Im sure there’s quite a few other┬ámummies out there that will also secretly agree with me on this.

Now don’t get me wrong, yes I was lucky enough to be able to jet off and see family and also spend a few weeks in the sun and Im extremely grateful for that, but now I feel like I need a good sun holiday on my own, minus the husband and the kids. Throw a few best friends in and a couple of crates of good wine and that would melt away the complete and utter stress which I have endured during these so called school holidays. And I wont even begin to go on about the number of excess pounds which I gained while I secretly scoffed to hide my so called stress!

So to say I am completely elated that school is now starting back, is an understatement. I feel like my life can now start getting back to some sort of normality which I am completely craving right now, at least I know what to expect in the future.

And a big shout out to all those mums who already endure the six week mayhem and to the first timers who survived just like me – well done, we made it. Lets pour ourselves a nice big glass and have a toast!!!

Love to you all




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