Erno Lazlo – Firm & Lift Range Review

Hi there lovelies, well its been a busy week. As I countdown the days to the official school holidays, I am frantically running around trying to sort all the last minute jobs before I have two kids who will need my undivided attention and be entertained for 6 weeks. All you mummies will know what its like on the final countdown for the holidays, trying to get everything done and up to date whilst we still have the free time.

On to the good stuff. I have been so lucky to receive some products from Erno Laszlo UK to review and I have been trying them out over the past month. I received some products from their Firmarine Range and I must admit, I was excited about this Bespoke Range. Since turning 40 I have tried to up my skincare regime as lets be honest, for me, now is the time to really go for the prodcucts which will feed and nourish my skin to keep it looking as young and fresh as possible.

I started with a cleansing set which included a Firmarine Cleansing Oil and a Firmarine Cleansing Bar. The cleansing oil is a dual performance oil laden with marine algae which dissolves all dirt, impurities and makeup on contact. I massaged a generous amount of this onto dry skin, this traps all the dirt and impurities which are on the face. Next I took the cleansing bar and massaged this over my face and neck. I decided to then use my fingertips to create a rich lather in order to really cleanse my face. I rinsed with warm water and blotted my skin dry with a towel. I didn’t have any of the usual tightness that you feel with other products. I liked the fact that it had two products as once you lather with the cleansing bar, your face does feel immaculately clean.

Next I was sent the Firmarine Lift Face Mask which comprised of two sachets. One was for powder and one was for liquid. I mixed both of these together and applied onto cleansed skin. I let it sink in for 20 minutes and then I peeled off. Once again I was left with glowing skin which looked so hydrated and I felt my skin literaly soaked with moisture. This is a mask that I would use more frequently. Its perfect to use after a tired and long day with the kids or if I was heading on a night out, I would use this before hand to really firm, hydrate and smooth out my skin before I applied any makeup. This is a two phased firming mask which really hydrates and smoothes out the skin. The  mask is bursting with amazing ingredients, Spirulina Maxima, which is a high powered Algae Extract, This is used to stimulate collagen regrowth and renewal. The Pullulan, derived from natural sugars, soothes and balances skin’s moisture levels, while tightening tired sagging skin. Last but not least Provitamin B5 iercely defends skin against water loss, restoring the natural moisture that keeps skin soft and smooth.

Last, but not least, I tried the Firmarine Hydrogel Mask. Now this mask is known for improving elasticity and smoothness of the skin and really does leave it feeling totally revived and refreshed. It is drenched in botanical extracts and oils. It contains Argan Oil which restores skin lipids, it also has Argan Algae which helps prevent water loss and removes toxins. lastly this contains Grapefruit extract which smoothes out fine lines and plumps the skin with its hugh water content. This is one of these masks which you just fit over your face, adjusting the eye and mouth area, leaving on for 15-20 minutes to allow the masks ingredients to completely soak the skin. once I removed it, I just patted any extra serum into my skin for added moisture. I loved how refreshed and revived my face looked after using this. I felt like I had completely detoxed my face of all the outdoor chemicals and radicals which we get on a daily basis. I would probably use this mask once a fortnight to really cleanse and lift my face and give it a good glow.

One thing I’ve learned about Erno Laszlo bespoke products is that they are custom made to suit your skin. There is no one size fits all within this brand and I loved the fact that the products are tailor made to fit your primary skin concerns whether its nourishing, hydrating, brightening, firming, detoxifying or blemish-eliminating.

I will definitely be using this range in the future, especially the masks as I just felt that they really gave my skin the moisture surge which it craved

Hope you guys enjoyed.

Love Gxxx



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