Are you Beach Body Ready???

So lovelies, it appears that Summer is well and truly upon us. It is that season where we pack away all the woollies and out comes the bikinis, the one pieces, the strappy slinky dresses and so forth. Now if you have been lucky enough to have spent the past twelve months knocking it out down the gym then  you will be happy to parade warts and all in the skimpiest of outfits. Now back in the day of being young free and single, I could easily go on a two week diet and be heading off on my jollys with the flattest of stomachs! fast forward a wedding and two kids and being a hell of a lot older, things just don’t seem to happen like that anymore. Frankly I think the two week bikini diet ship has sailed for me. Now granted, my youngest is ten months and Im slowly getting back into all the things I loved but I just cant seem to shake off this dreaded kangaroo pouch. It seriously annoyed me when it moved in, but now it doesn’t seem to have any intention of moving along regardless of how many spin, body attack, combat or pump classes I do!


Now onto the good stuff, I am so guilty of thrawling through social media and magazines and seeing the perfectly toned bodies of all these celebrity figures and then going to the gym and trying to work even harder to get my ass in shape. Im pretty sure you guys are all the same! Thing is, when did it really all start to matter?? When did all this comparison start. I remember being young and never having to think about how in shape I was, even though I was quite blessed until I started my thirties and then realised that I couldn’t just eat the whole cake on my own, it was certainly time to share. One thing that definitely has been a big thing this year is body confidence and trying to instill in our brains that its ok not to be the perfect size 8 and that its ok to be perfectly happy with what you have. But the thing is, how can we do that when all around us we are faced with the photoshopped bodies of todays culture! Now since having my second child I did vow to try and get back in shape as soon as I could but mostly do it the healthy way. Sticking to good gym classes and trying to chose wisely when it comes to food. Now anyone who knows me will know that I do love the cake and the chocolates but Ive also started to love the salads, the juices, the smoothies and so forth and you know what, its taking a long time but I’m finally getting to where I am happy to be.

As I’ve gotten older I decided it was time to stop the constant self scrutiny, to accept what is, let go of what was and embrace the new. Ive begun to love my shape, snuggle the pouch and realise that I’ll never be the skinny Minnie. Being over 6ft I don’t think I’ll ever be what I was like back in my hayday but at least I’m loving what is here and now – and you should too!

Don’t waste your life scanning all the photo shopped pictures and get sucked in to what isn’t real,  they just don’t exist and to be honest, who bloody cares!  So girls love want you have and not what you haven’t!

Ladies, enjoy your summer, whatever it is you may be up to and most importantly, have fun doing it too!

Love Gxxx


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