No. 7 Body Range review


Hey lovelies, well todays post is all about some amazing No.7 products that I have currently been using the past few weeks. They are from a collection box which I had received as a gift at Christmas and as per usual, only got round to opening it now. Well I have to say Im so glad I did save this for the summer months as with the current hot weather in London my skin has been crying out for hydration of some sort so when I found my box of goodies I was delighted to see it contained a blissful body wash along with a perfecting body polish and to top it of, the Protect & Perfect Intense Advanced Moisturising Body Serum. Now I am a big fan of the face serum so I was pretty elated to try out the serum for the body.

So The Perfecting Body Polish has honestly been my saviour the past few weeks in this heat. I love the fresh flowery scent but most of all, I love how grainy it is. Sometimes with exfoliators you have to use a lot of product and not really get a good polish but this seems to be jam packed with our grainy friends that you only need to use a small amount. It lathers really well and did get rid of those pesky dry patches which I had been having on my knees and arms.

I’ve been using it alongside the Blissful Body Wash. This has the same great signature scent as the Body Polish and it really glided on after the exfoliation. It lathered extremely well and did leave my skin feeling very soft afterwards. I was so glad to not also have that tight skin feeling that you can get with other brands. The scent lingered around too and to be honest, I actually found it so refreshing, very flowery and scenty and very summery. I would definitely use these as a pair because they do complement each other really well.

Now onto the goodie and biggie for me, The Protect & Perfect Intense Advanced Moisturising Body Serum. As I stated earlier, I am a fan of the day and night cream as well as the face serum so when I saw that this was for the body, I was well and truly excited. According to Boots, It is powered by Matrixyl 3000 Plus and it is clinically proven to reveal firmer and younger looking skin in just two weeks. I have been mostly using it on my thighs, chest, arms and stomach area and I do seriously love it. After having a baby 10 months ago my main problem area is my stomach but I have definitely noticed it looking slightly better and more toned (this could also be down to the fact that Im currently banging it down the gym) but I do believe it has helped in some way.

So Ive got to say I have welcomed these into my life with open arms especially in this warm weather and I do think they are a great buy.

Happy Scrubbing friends

Love Gxxx


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