Skinny Tan Review

Hi there lovelies, well I’ve obviously been living in the dark ages, Id heard about skinny tan and constantly saw it pop up on my Facebook and Instagram feeds from time to time…. Now I kept meaning to always try it but instead I would always go for my trusted brand in case this one would leave me streaky orangey and smelling of a gone off biscuit.

Well I should never have feared. Last weekend I was due to have a night out with some friends and normally would apply my fake tan the night before but unfortunately I didn’t as with a teething baby and a 5 year acting like shes 25, it all kinda sent me over the edge and prepping my skin for tan was the last thing on my mind. I decided on the Friday to try and get some express tan. Now I typed this into google and Skinny Tans express 1 hour mousse popped up.. This was good enough for me so off I skipped down to my local Superdrug to find that it was out of stock. Seriously I mean come on. Anyhow I picked up another brands 1 Hour mousse but also picked up the Skinny Tans ultimate dark mousse along with their dual tanning mitt and this weekend I decided to try it out (all be it, I applied it at lunchtime before I ran out the door to attend a quick coffee and cake for my besties birthday!!!!

First things first – Im completely in love with their mitt and if there is only one thing you buy then seriously GET THIS. I loved the fact that it was dual sided and I found that the mousse really did glide on nicely. The mitt didn’t adsorb the product like most do and I couldn’t believe how soft it is, Normally any mitt that Ive possessed is not as smooth cut as this one!!!! Right mitts aside onto the mousse. I went for the ultimate dark mousse and I must say when I pumped it out onto the mitt, it really came out a rich creamy whipped mousse and it smelt divine. It was like lathering my skin in coconut. I was so pleased not to have the usual biscuit type smell which is given off by most self tan products. Now Skinny Tan also contains organic smoothing oils and firming Guarana which helps to hydrate & smooth the skin while dissimulating cellulite so it is barely even visible at all.


So it progressed during the day and I have to say Im pretty chuffed with the result. Ive had it on for 10 hours now and plan to leave it on overnight to see if it can go even deeper. Right now I have a lovely healthy glow and Im in love with it. It will be interesting to see how long it lasts but for now Im loving the fact that it doesn’t have the normal nasty smell and its also lovely and creamy on application. I’ll definitely try their one hour express tan mousse and the 7 day tanner self tan but for now I know that this will be my go to product all summer long

See you later peeps.

A very bronzed G XXXX


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