Finally its all coming together!

Hey there lovelies…. well its definitely been a while. I’ve got a bit awol on the blog the past month as to be honest, Ive been so overwhelmed with trying to sort out the house, holidays, keeping a baby entertained and keeping up with everyone else!!! Speaking of houses, its been 7 months since we moved into ours and its only now that we have begun to put our own stamp on it in the quirky little areas. Trust me there have been times that this house has sent me absolutely crazy and I was ready to sign myself into the local asylum. But thanks to my friends for calming me down and giving me the direction I needed, im pleased to say that our house is now starting to look homey and just like us. I decided to do this post to give you an insight into my life and style and a bit of the craziness in between.

As you say see, the feng shui book was in full swing while I tried to try and find a nice little place for all out stuff. Im glad to say I managed to get myself a nice little area in the office which I could put my own little stamp on. Its got my favourite books, plants, candles and its my own little oasis in which I can sit down, have a cuppa and write some awesome content for you guys.

Im also a lover of cool prints and pictures. I love the one below and it is currently hanging in our living area. We picked this up on a trip to Rome years ago when we were dating… Who would have thought that 10 years later it would be coolly hanging in our home!!

I have to say I absolutely love this picture. It was painted in Dhaka and bought by my father in law on one of his trips. When I visited the country, this really represented the reality of the city! A lot of hustle and bustle and tuk tuks and traffic jams and complete chaos thrown in for good measure.

Im also a lover of indoor plants as I believe they have so many health benefits for us whilst clearing the air of toxins. This is why I do try to have them in most of the rooms in the house. I do have an amazing Aloe Vera plant in our bedroom and this jasmine plant below is amazing. I love the smell of it!


Ive tried to have little areas in the house where you can just sit and chill with a book and below represents one of those areas!! Plants, candles and coffee are the true loves in my life!


My hubby is a fan of these weird black ornaments. He has picked them up over the years and dug them out over the past month. I have to say im not exactly a fan but lets keep the man happy and let him have his little quirky corner!! The print was picked up in New York way back in 2004. I soley remember him buying this as it was February and I was freezing while he was checking out this stall near times square! Ah the memories…..

Now Ive managed to get outside kind of sorted and I have my own piece of Morrocan heaven tucked away at the bottom of the garden. The bench was handmade and the cushions are from Japan. I love sitting here with a good book and a nice cuppa and listening to the waterfall in the pond. I was so happy when this was done as it was my own little mediating oasis on my doorstep.



I also manged to pencil in a night out in London catching up with some old friends. I can confirm that a good night was had my all and it was just what the doctor ordered. This was the civilised photo taken just before the carnage unfolded. Sometimes its just nice to catch up with friends over cocktails, leave the babies and hubby and stresses of our daily lives behind and just go out and have some fun. after the recent events in London it really opened my eyes and made me value the little things a lot more then the material things.

until next time, be safe and hug your friebnds and family more then ever!

Love Gxxx


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