I’ve got that Friday feeling…

Well it has been one hell of a long ass week. I feel like a month has passed because I have felt quite overwhelmed with everything going on. We actually moved house 6 months ago and we have been slowly trying to empty out and declutter the house and our lives and also try to put our stamp on our new abode. For this reason my blog and instagram posts have kind of taken a back seat while we try and get ourselves sorted. I definitely do hope to be back on this full time soon. On another note, WTF is going on with the weather at the moment???, on Monday the sun shone down on London town where we literally basked in the heat and by Wednesday there was torrectial downpours and I felt like I was in the Amazon, WTF is going on, Ill never know.

More to todays pressing matters….. A few months ago I did a post about my besties who are there for my every need and direct me on the right path when I need it the most. After much persuasion, my eyebrow friend (have a read of the post and you will figure out who I’m talking about, ha) decided it was high time I went and got my nether regions seen to. According to her, she stated that there was no point in me preaching to everyone else to go and have that spring clean done before Summer if I am not going to participate. Now I must be honest, as people who  know me personally, I am definitely not one for waxing, I bloody hate it, I just cant take the pain at all, (don’t know why, considering I’ve given birth twice) but I do, I am one of these women that just cant take the pain of that little strip of hot wax that goes on. But in her eyes, that didn’t matter so she booked me in and off I went this morning to meet the lovely Leigh who would get to see a close up of areas that I didn’t even know existed or hair could grow!!!!

As I explained my fears to her, she laughed it all off and really did put my mind at ease as she donned the vinyl gloves and started to inspect the coveted area! As we did the general chit chat, she layered it on and continued to chat away as if it was a normal Friday, of course for her it was a normal day in the office, for me, however, I was about to get my nether regions stripped off bare just like it was when I came into the world!!!!! But to be honest, yes parts of it hurt like hell but man I’m so pleased I finally picked up the courage to go for the back, sack and crack of the intimate waxing world and I’m as pleased as punch I did. Its like a whole new world for me.

So friends, I indeed was late in joining the rest of you for the intimate waxing experience and I’m glad to say the Spring clean is now well and truly underway.

Have a fab weekend

Love Gxxx



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