Start the day the right way – wake up Happy!

Hey to all you lovely people! I decided to do a quick post on how to change your mindset and wake up happy. Now normally I’m such a grumpy boots first thing in the morning, especially if I’ve been kept up the night before by a certain little 8 month old, but I am really trying to change my mindset and master the art of waking up happy in order to change the flow of my day. I long to be one of these people who can jump out of bed in the morning excited about the endless possibilities the day will bring but alas I am the one that hits and pounds on the snooze button until its nearly falling off. I was having a read of a magazine a while ago and it was saying how the secret to having a good day was how we start it and how we end it. Well this was one mama that was gonna give it a go as Im always up for trying anything once. So here goes

Rule no 1 – Welcome in the morning! Having a great day all depends on how you start out. If you get off to a good start then the day will flow brightly, however, getting out of the wrong side of the bed will inevitable cause you to have the crappiest day going and everything will feel like its going from bad to worse. They say meditating for 10 minutes first thing can really start you off in the right direction. I tend to try and wake up, be thankful for what I have and grateful for the littliest things in life. This really does start you off on the right track.

Rule no 2 – Instead of having a to do list – start a to love list. As the saying goes if you love the work you do, you’ll never work again. Get your current to do lists together and rewrite them on a blank sheet of paper starting with the ones you love to do and work your way down. I tried this and it actually didn’t make it feel like a horrible chore. I enjoyed doing the things that I hated if that makes sense.

Rule no 3 – Perform a random act of kindness. Now this is something I try to do on a daily basis, it takes less than sixty seconds to actually be  nice to someone else and you have no idea how much it wil lift that persons day. Im a firm believer of karma and by doing something nice for someone else it always come back in some shape way or form.

Rule no 4 – Overcoming the bad ones- Now sometimes it doesn’t matter what you do, there will be those little moments that will test your patience and will be beyond your control. In those times its best to just shrug your shoulders, except what is, move on and learn from it. There is really no point in sitting and dwelling about what is or what could have been. Do what you can with the situation and just move on. Trust me when I say you will be a happier and calmer person for it. Let that stress go.

Rule no 5 – End your day with thanks. Last but not least, this is the one that is probably the most important. When the day is done, just as you put your head on the pillow, reflect on the day and give thanks for everything that has happened in those 24 hours. The good, the bad and the ugly, give thanks for it and let it all go. Its time to set yourself up for an amazing nights sleep and for the fabulous 24 hours ahead.

Have a fabulous day people

Love Gxxx



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