Finally coffee with the girls………

Hello to all my lovelies, well its been at least four weeks without a proper catch up with my besties, we’ve finally managed to fit one in on Friday. It was so good to see them that I nearly cried with joy, well ok, maybe I’m going over the top but it wasn’t far from the truth!  After the usual hugs and kisses it was time to get down to business and see what the lovely ladies had been getting up to. There had been the usual supermarket shopping trips, the obligatory family dinners where we sit silently and smile where in reality we would rather be at home watching Britain’s Got Talent in our jammies and slippers.  One thing we all had in common was that we have somehow lost our way and are desperate to find it again.  But one thing was for certain, we knew that together we will encourage each another and we would manage to get back on the right path!


So when did we all stop bothering about taking care of ourselves and our wellbeing instead of the little people in our lives?  We all can get so caught up in the madness of keeping the family going that we forget that we, ourselves, sometimes need to be picked up, hugged and looked after for once, surely all of us mummies need to have that time out to re-focus?  My besties and I share our concerns and we almost look to one another to be rescued. We vowed that day and made a pact to turn it around and finally be back in the driving seat and in control again.

So come on ladies, forget the dishwasher, the washing machine, making the beds, and think of yourself for once. It is time to figure out what is more important for you as a person. So don’t hesitate, make today the day that you get back in control, book that dentist, facial, waxing and fake tan session and whatever else floats your boat. Get back in the driving seat, get back to the person you once were and lets face it, Do we really want to be known just as mummy?????

My besties have done it again, I’m all fired up and raring to go – It goes without saying, thank you girls…

Love Gxxxx



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