I consumed how much calories over Easter Break???????

Hey there all you lovely people, Well today is the first day back to normality for me. My parents flew back yesterday after a week in London and as much as it was lovely having everyone here, I must say I am glad to try and get some sort of normality back into my days.  We did the usual touristy adventures and catching up and today is the first day that I actually have the house to myself and I must say I’m loving the peace! My eldest is at school and I have the youngest rolling around by my feet but he is such a joy and is quite contented 99.9% of the time so its just nice to sit and be able to catch up on a few bits and pieces. I’ve literally been completely off track with my life the past four weeks and I’m currently trying to make a list to get myself back on the right road. I honestly don’t know what it has been but usually I am quite on schedule with gym classes, healthy eating, various kids chores and having my coffee mornings with the girls but it literally all went out the window and I cant quite put my finger on as to why!

So who else scoffed as much chocolate as possible over the Easter break???? Yes I was definitely a major player over the four main days of Easter. It was like I hadn’t seen a chocolate egg before and really went to town with at least devouring one a day. That doesn’t include the big feeds and desserts that came after it! It was like the apocalypse was upon us and I had a few days to cram as much junk food and chocolate in before the world was going to end. I’m now seriously suffering, considering some of my nice new purchases are starting to feel a wee bit on the tight side!! okay majorly on the tight side. I’m now completely disgusted and have pre-booked numerous gym classes to get the fat off. I’ve also ridded the house of any chocolate eggs which was left (yes that includes the one from this morning) and I’ve stocked the fridge with healthy fruit and vegetables and smoothie ingredients, Now if I can just stick to my healthy plan, life will be back on course! Since feeling out of sync with the world I decided to start reading Paul McKenna’s “Change your life in 7 days” and I am hoping that it will give me back the inspiration that I used to have and that I genuinely crave again.

Didn’t I say I’d been shopping? well I had and above is some stuff which I had bought. Dotty P’s as it is known to me, has some great khaki trousers in which I off course, snapped up, I also got a pair in peach and I love them, They will be great during the summer months paired with a simple white tee like the one above from H&M. I also got the black jumpsuit from Dorothy Perkins Tall range and I love it So as long as I can stay away from the chocolate and fries, Ill be dancing round in my new stuff and heels in no time

But on a better note – It did feel great horsing into all the unhealthy chocolate and cakes and junky food even if it was just for those few days

Till next time – Love Gxxx


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