Up up & away – what a week its been!

Hey there lovelies…. To say my life has been manic the past week is an understatement! From travelling back to Ireland with the two kiddies, attending some family functions and flying back over with family, my life has literally been go go go from the start of mid term break….. One point I’ll make is this, back in the day when I was young, free and childless I use to feel particulary sorry when I would be sitting at the airport and see young couples with toddlers hanging off them and screaming. I honestly used to be getting on the plane and praying that I wouldn’t be sat next to any of them.. Fast forward 10 years and I am now on the other side. I am now the mum with the 5 year old and the 7 month old hanging off my legs, one screaming to be fed and the other one screaming for some trendy mag so she can read on the plane! I now get the sympathy looks from the young trendy jetsetters and I honestly just want to scream WTF. And to top it off, My other half stayed in London while I braved the trip alone with the two. I have done this a few times and am still trying to master it down to military precision. Ill get there one day..

On a different note it was so nice to go home. Its funny, I left over 15 years ago but I still always have this warm feeling in my heart when I am touching down in Dublin airport. I still refer to it as going home even though Ive long flown the nest!!! Its also nice to now go┬áback with my children and for them to see where it all began for me. Also I love being in the countryside , I genuinely do feel like this inner peace just fills me when I am there. There’s something nice being able to walk the country roads with the dog and only see the odd car drive by.

I also had a family function to go to and it was lovely climbing out of the normal everyday clothes and dressing up. It was also great to catch up with everyone and have a right good giggle – minus the two sprogs

We are now back in London and I’m wishing the midterm break was over so at least I can shuffle one back to school and get my life back to some normality. Does anyone else feel that when school breaks are upon us, everything gets turned upside down for that short space of time. Im also quite bad when it comes to keeping up with my gym commitments and healthy eating, that seriously goes out the window when the holidays are here and I end up gaining at least 10lb. And as for coffee with the ladies… that hasn’t happened in well over a MONTH. I am seriously craving a good catchup with my other mummy friends were we can drink a gallon of coffee and have a good oul chinwag.

And so that is that. Until next time, have a great week!

Love Gxx


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