A day with my besties!!!!


Lets face it girls, everyone has that small inner circle of people that we can tell our darkest secrets to and go to in times of de-stressing and even when we just need a hug after a bad day….. I have two in particular that make me smile everyday and pull me up when I’ve fallen down.. These are my besties, who make me laugh till I cry and wipe my tears when I do actually need it.

Being busy family women, we decided to pencil in a shopping trip without the other halves or having kids grabbing us by the ankles. It all started great as I picked up the first one and then spun round to pick up the other. The look of pure joy on their face as they literally legged it out of the house and jumped into the car…. It was great to see the look of horror on their other halves face as we spun off and left them to deal with the complete carnage that would inevitably unfold without us!

I had decided that I seriously needed to get the boobs sized up as after having my second baby they were definitely not exactly looking the best… Surely a trip to the department store to get measured would sort it all out, or so I thought!! Firstly I’m over 6ft so when the little 5ft lady came in to the room, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as my bosom was completely in her face, I quickly decided to just take the first granny bra she fitted and leg it. Well, trying on some clothes later on, the girls were adamant for me to try on my new purchase to see if there was any difference. The sheer look of horror on their faces said it all and I was subsequently marched to Victoria’s Secret to get completely kitted out. Well as soon as we walked in, the vibes and mood changed, I was whisked off by the sales assistant, laden with all these sexy bra’s to try on. After dancing round the changing room and having my friends nod of approval, I felt like I had a complete boob job, the credit card had a serious dent in it and I skipped outta there laden with bags…

Did it end there? You must be joking, they then realised that I had allowed my ear piercings to close and I was hunted off to the local piercing unit to get jabbed on. I sat there amongst these excited teenagers, all the while thinking shiiiiiiiiiiit, what is going down!!!!!

So after the new boobs, the piercings, the various clothes and shoe items which were picked up, we sat down and did what we do best.. drink some bubbles and have a laugh, just like we always do!!!

So ladies, grab your besties and head off for the day… you never know what may happen!!!!

Love Gxxx


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