Sundays: What’s not to love!!!

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Back in the day my usual Sunday consisted of waking about noon with a stinking hangover, smelling of beer and cigarettes and whatever rank food I would have consumed at 4 in the morning….. As much as I would normally die all day, I loved lazing around in the pjs, watching the reruns of Sex and the City, gorging on cakes, chocolates, whatever junk food I could lay my hands on and generally feeling like god damn shit… but you know something – I LOVED IT….. The phone calls and texts with the girls as we sniggered about the previous nights events and the poor unfortunate souls which we would have been drooling over!!!! Yes exactly, we have ALL done it

Fast forward a few years and here I am, I have my own little circus going on and many a day I’ve felt like calling the local mental Asylum and reserving the family suite for a month!!! Gone are the hangovers, the SATC box sets are gathering dust on the bookshelf.. The days were I could scoff to my hearts delight and not gain a pound have been replaced with trying my hardest to bypass the confectionary isle in the supermarket. Trust me, there are the days where I will find a Terry’s Chocolate Orange floating around and I will lock myself in a cupboard and horse into it and not tell a soul. Today’s Sundays consist of finding a corner in the king bed and trying to make my self comfortable while a 5 year old jumps about and a 6 month old rolls from side to side, I can see my other half also trying to find a little corner of the bed in which he can call home for a few hours rest. Then we have the mad breakfast time, the clean up, the washing, the ironing, the getting the kids dressed, the what to cook for dinner and so on. And then we have the unexpected guests….. I’ve been caught a few times where I have looked out unto the drive and seen a car pull up…. holy fuck has been my initial reaction while I would leg it to the shower for a 120 seconds which consist of a quick wash of the arse and armpits – yes that is true! Run straight to the door, pull it open with a massive heeellllooooooooo, come in and I’ll put the kettle on! All the while quietly thinking “how fucking long are you intending to park your arse for” there goes the nice big cake I bought to scoff after dinner!

So the reminiscing of my single sundays will continue for the rest of my life and even though I am getting old and have my own two running around, its nice to look back and think “Hell yeah, I had some craic back then, long may it continue”

Have a great day folks – Gxxx


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